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               Proyect information 

Looking for: Investor for green project on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Us: We are the land ownership. 
       Architectural design, the developer and the contractor in    

European Company with over 15 years in this country and the ability to develop projects and businesses in the realm of the eco-friendly, sustainability and respect for other cultures.

Introduction: We currently have a green and eco-friendly project,
                       for immediate implementation in 11 Months.
We own a land of 1,880 m2  - 45 minutes from Bali Airport and 20 minutes from the shopping area (Semiyak and Kuta).  
In an area between Tanah Lot and idyllic Negara.Being unique in that it connects to the main road that leads to the harbour nearest to the island of Java, where daily vehicle traffic is measured in thousands, and ends in its own beach and beautiful surroundings. 
Natural Park Bali Barat

                   A true BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY !

Commitment: Green, environmentally friendly, eco-friendly,                           sustainable and respectful with Balinese Hindu culture.        

Location: Jembrana, near Tanah Lot and Negara.
The land is in a unique situation; south it adjoins the empty beach.Ideal for a resort, spa and restaurant north of the land, Natural Park Bali Barat, which adjoins to the main road coming from the island of Java in Kerobokan, Semiyak and Denpasar, capital of Bali.
Project: For resort and spa, eco-friendly at beachfront. Organic                     restaurant on the main road.

Type of investment: For a small / medium businesses that wants to                                   start in Bali. 
Or for a family that wants to come and live in Bali and have a business.

Conditions: The land will be rented for 14 years.
                    Extendable and re-rentable by the investor.

Resort: Set of 8-Joglos type Bungalows with sea views and private beach, a reception lobby and a roadside restaurant with parking, serving both the client's Resort, and outside clients.

Construction: The investor must build the project given ( land and                            project are 1 whole package). 
Made ​​with old wood and recycled materials, natural and organic.

Aesthetics: Traditional and minimalist architecture and tropical                             Balinese gardens.   

Delay: The construction will take about  11 months.

Investment cost: 9.750.000.000 rupiah / Indonesia  -
                              Estimated  780,000 euros   - 
                              Today  1 €= 12.500 rupiah

Amortization: You can have your investment back in 4 year.

Viability:  After amortization, estimated 250.000 Euro / year.

Project management: The Indonesia  company behind the project
                                       on the island of Bali.

Indonesia is an emerging G20 and one of the lungs of the world,
with growth of around 7% per year. The island of Bali is its world-known tourist pearl and also for its commitment to nature and Hindu relaxed life.
No social problems.

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